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What We Do

What We Do

To provide cost-free, friendly and a homely care to terminally ill patients. Currently, we are in the process of setting palliative care center in Assam and thereafter extend all over India.


Provide emotional, spiritual, and cultural support to all the patients irrespective of caste, and religion, thus maximizing functional status.


Entertain the patients through games, competitions and through cultural activities.


Identify and provide a platform to exhibit the skills of patients, from time to time.


Enhance and utilize the skills of the patients to develop and support our needs and if Possible other upcoming NGO’s.


Strategize and execute new programmes, from time to time to develop the wellbeing of the patients.

Eliminate Pain

Meticulous attention and care provided to patients, by qualified and Experienced professionals.

Standards Of Service

Provide consistent and quality care to patients, as per the standards of Healthcare industry; through qualified, efficient, experienced and kindhearted professionals.

Innovation/Up Gradation

As there is a constant need for Skills and Knowledge to be Effective and Successful, we are in the process, where possible, of bringing together a coalition of partners of other NGOs, Universities, research Institutions, etc who contribute different expertise and Knowledge.

Monitoring System

Monitor our staff and reward them for their best efforts, thus enhancing the staff to serve better to the needs of the patients in a timely manner.

The Strategy

Where possible, bring together a coalition of partners- of other NGOs Universities, Research Institutions etc. who contribute different expertise and knowledge, a larger Target area and beneficiary communities.